Coming Soon: Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2024

21 – 22 November 2024, Vienna, Austria

Delayed Reproduction: Challenges and Prospects

This conference will focus on shifting trends, drivers and consequences of delayed reproduction, paying special attention to biological constraints as well as to the impact of assisted reproduction technologies and their potential role in shaping future fertility trends.

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Population Association of America PAA Annual Meeting 2023

12 – 15 April 2023, New Orleans, USA

The trend towards ever-later fertility is associated with a growing risk of experiencing fertility problems and of seeking medical help. Medically assisted reproduction (MAR) also facilitates the realization of fertility desires for same-sex couples and single women and men – groups for whom it is difficult to have children without medical help. The number of MAR-conceived children and of MAR families is thus increasing and so is the diversity of family forms in the global North.
Fertility and family research is only starting to take infertility and MAR into account to better understand fertility intentions, behaviors (such as contraceptive use) and outcomes over the life course. Yet, the patterns of change and the mechanisms behind new reproductive behaviors as well as their consequences have not been fully explored and understood, particularly in Europe.
The EAPS Working Group aims at:

  • fostering research on infertility and medically assisted reproduction, its causes and consequences.
  • connecting researchers across Europe and beyond who share an interest in the topic and stimulate collaborations.
  • facilitating the dialogue between qualitative and quantitative research as well as from the various disciplines engaged in research on infertility and medically assisted reproduction.
  • discussing specific topics such as research data, teaching, and communication about research findings.